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Secret Facts About Chemistry Homework

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Definition of Embodiment in Patents

Embodiment by definition is a manner in which an invention can be made, used, practiced or expressed. Embodiment in Patent Applications The phrase embodiment will be in your patent application, as part of the legalese used. In a patent application, the specification will include descriptions of the preferred embodiments. If you read a patent you will often see a section headlined DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENT. You will often refer to some aspect of your invention as an embodiment in descriptions. Looking at examples of how the word is used should make what it means and how to use the word clearer. Examples The following examples are more fully described in the first link box below. DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTFIG. 1 is a partial sectional view of a Halloween mask with a flash device in accordance with a preferred embodiment of the present invention.FIG. 1 is a front pictorial perspective view of a wireless telephone constructed in accordance with an embodiment the present invention;

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To Autumn - The Final Season In the Life of a Poet Essay...

To Autumn - The Final Season In the Life of a Poet The years between 1818 and 1821 mark the final stage in John Keats life. During this time period, Keats created some of his best poetry. These works would forever elevate Keats as a brilliant and talented poet whose mark would be left on the literary world forever. The last years of Keats life were met with many challenges as well as inspirations. It was a combination of these which not only influenced, but inspired Keats to write such poems as, The Eve of St. Agnes, Lamia, The Fall of Hyperion, and To Autumn. To Autumn exemplifies maturity, resolution, perfection, and unification of a poem, a season, a day, and a poet. John Keats was born on†¦show more content†¦A year later Keats gave up medicine. In the fall of this same year, Keats younger brother died of tuberculosis. This indeed exposed the young poet to the dreaded disease. Also, at this time, he met the love of his life, Fanny Brawne. By 1819, Keats was already showing signs of the dreaded disease, tuberculosis. He suffered a hemorrhage of his lungs but recovered. It was during this time period, near the end of his life, that Keats created some of his best poetry which put him among the great English poets. He wrote, Ode to Psyche, Ode to Melancholy, Ode on a Grecian Urn, Ode on Indolence, The Eve of St. Agnes, Lamia, and what is considered by many to be his most perfect poem, To Autumn (Nylander). By 1820, Keats moved in with his friend, Leigh Hunt, after suffering a hemorrhage. On the advice of his doctor he set sail for Italy, a trip often taken as a last resort when one was stricken with tuberculosis. He died peacefu lly in 1821 in Rome at the age of only twenty-four. To Autumn is often referred to as an Ode. It was written on a Sunday afternoon in 1819. It was the last poem that Keats ever wrote. It is his most perfection. At a time in Keats life when he knew he was not long for the physical world, it is ironic that he produced a poem of such perfection. To fully comprehend the beauty of this irony, one must be aware of the summation of his poetic maturity epitomized in To Autumn, and the reluctant acceptance ofShow MoreRelatedOde to Autumn by John Keats Essay713 Words   |  3 PagesOde to Autumn by John Keats This poem that I am going to be focusing on is titled Ode to Autumn, written by John Keats. This poem shows an aspect of the natural world and I am going to prove in detail how the techniques used by the poet made me think more deeply about the subject. The title of this poem is Ode to Autumn. This is basically what the poem is about. The poem focuses on autumn, one of the four seasons. I am going to be focusing on two techniques usedRead MoreJohn Keats Poetry Analysis864 Words   |  4 Pagesbefore dying of tuberculosis and spent several of those years training to become a surgeon before abandoning his apothecary studies to become a poet. The subject matter of Keats’ poetry ranges from politics, to Greek-style epics, to love letter odes to nature (John). Keats became more closely aligned with romanticism as he befriended other romantic era poets and was described as being part of a, â€Å"new school that would revive Nature and put a spirit of youth in everything (John),†Ã¢â‚¬  by ExaminerRead MoreEssay on To Autumn1390 Words   |  6 PagesEnglish Romantic poet, is considered one of the most beloved of all English poets. His work is known for sensuous descriptions of the beauty of nature and deep philosophic questions that it often brought up. This can be observed in his six odes written in 1819. The complexity and profundity behind the poems ar e the reason that they are considered to be among Keats greatest works, although the last ode composed in the sequence, â€Å"To Autumn† seems to stand out from the others. â€Å"To Autumn† is particularlyRead MoreThe Portrayal of Nature in To a Skylark and To Autumn Essay1363 Words   |  6 PagesThe Portrayal of Nature in To a Skylark and To Autumn ‘To a Skylark’ and ‘To Autumn’ are two poems written by different Romantic poets. Although both are typical of the Romantic period, they differ in many ways. They both have different styles. Both poets elaborate on two different aspects of nature. ‘To a Skylark’, is written by Percy Bysshe Shelley. It compares the Skylark to many different things and it describes how the Skylark manages to exceed all of these thingsRead More Ode to a Nightingale, Ode on a Grecian Urn, and Ode to Autumn1470 Words   |  6 PagesOde to a Nightingale, Ode on a Grecian Urn, and Ode to Autumn The casual reader of John Keats poetry would most certainly be impressed by the exquisite and abundant detail of its verse, the perpetual freshness of its phrase and the extraordinarily rich sensory images scattered throughout its lines. But, without a deeper, more intense reading of his poems as mere parts of a larger whole, the reader may miss specific themes and ideals which are not as readily apparent as are the obviousRead MoreThe Literary Techniques Used to Evoke the World of Senses in Keats Odes 1561 Words   |  7 PagesImagery is a primary literary technique a poet uses to capture the readers or listeners senses. We gain comprehension of the world through the use of our sense. Therefore, how the reader perceives a poem is always the most important aspect every poet considers whilst writhing. The images of a poem have the ability to appeal of each of our senses, taste, smell, touch, hearing and sight can all be heightened by certain aspects of poetry. The imagery of a poem has the ability to transport us into aRead MoreThe Cyclical Of Nature : Ozymandias1436 Words   |  6 PagesThe Cyclical Permanence of Nature â€Å"Ozymandias†, â€Å"To Autumn†, and â€Å"I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud† all are widely-read poems written by the Romantic poets Shelley, Keats, and Wordsworth, respectively. In all of these poems, the passage of time inexorably leads to the death of man-made creations. Also, natural emotions and living things experience the cycle of life and death, but escape the permanent death experienced by unnatural things. In short, man-made things are impermanent, while natural thingsRead MoreOde to a Nightingale and To Autumn by John Keats.1611 Words   |  7 PagesRomanticism is a movement in literature that came as a result of a revolt against the previous period Classicism. John Keats was an English poet who became one of the most important Romantic poets. William Wordsworth, another significant figure during Romanticism, described it as liberalism in literature, meaning the artist was free from restraints and rules, and was encouraged to write about his/her own experiences, rather than being a passive narrator praising an event or person. RomanticismRead MoreEssay on Nature in Context vs. Nature out of Context941 Words   |  4 Pagesto captivate the reader with their intimate portrayals of nature that bring us right into their imaginations as shown in John Keats poem, To Autumn. Keats once wrote that other authors describe what they see, while Keats describes what he imagines. The poem, To Autumn, is certainly evidence of that because from the beginning it builds up the Autumn landscape and touches upon nature in a more concrete way than Wordsworth ever touched upon. Its full of excellent picture language like, AndRead MoreSonnet 73 And A Valediction : Forbidding Mourning1647 Words   |  7 Pagescan be argued, that these ideas are portrayed in different ways. Sonnet 73 exhibits the notion of death through the natural act of ageing. As well as, highlighting death through ageing, Shakespeare highlights death through pastoral elements such as seasons of the year. However, A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning puts forth the idea regarding love through figurative language, metaphors and other imagery techniques of the inevitability of death. Through these literary devices, we are able to see Donne’s

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Consumer Behaviour Factors

Question: Describe about the Consumer Behaviour with his Factors? Answer: Executive Summary This report will be dealing with the consumer behavior and the factors that influence the buying behavior of the customers. The VALS segmentation will be discussed vividly determining the importance of it in the purchasing behavior of the customers. In addition to this, the function of the marketers in turning the need of the customers as their goals is also discussed along with the attitude of the customers in buying a new product is also discussed vividly. 1. On the basis of the personal consumer behavior, the segment that matches the individual best is Values and Lifestyles method of segmentation. According to Noel (2009) VALS is psychographic market segmentation and is so designed that it is diverged for different customers. As per example we can take the example of income where the customers having high levels of income have a habit of shopping around the A class section and dining out in the excellent class restaurants. In addition to this, these customers are also inclined towards wearing out branded and exclusive designer clothes and buying exclusive imported cars. In contrast to this, the customers with middle level income are inclined towards the mediocre lifestyle and counterfeit products. Hassan Craft (2012) commented on the fact that the VALS framework is a 2-D figure that consist of X and Y axes where X axis represents the primary motivation and the Y-axis determines the income, confidence and education. So, these 2 factor s determine the value and lifestyle of the consumer that is discussed vividly in the context. According to Clarke (2001) for determining the values and lifestyle of the people, resources are essential since it includes the income, intelligence, emotional support and education of the customers. The primary motivation also influences the individuals in acquiring values and lifestyle for achieving something and in order to become more social. The high class people with high resource and income who have their individual taste and are motivated to achieve the best quality things in life. The thinkers are the decision making consumers that stay well informed about the surroundings and readily accept any changes in the society due to their higher knowledge level. The achievers on the other hand are also motivated due to their achievements in their job and family. These people can adopt any brand very fast since they also have become a part of high income level people. In addition to this, Ammi (2007) had a view that VALS help to identify the customers that need to be targeted and ea sily finds out niche markets. It also helps to locate the target groups and gain knowledge regarding the target group to see how it works. Moreover it also helps in positioning the products more precisely in the market and also aims in making the campaigns successful and accurate. For these above mentioned reasons VALS is a successful method of market segmentation that helps in reflecting the personality of the customers and largely affects the lifestyle of the people. 2. It is essential to remember that the purchasing decision of the consumers solely begins from the need and want of the customer for a product or service. According to Baumeister (2002) this need of the customers are later transformed into the goals that helps the marketers to understand the customers more deeply and also it helps them to develop the marketing mix. The marketing mix on the other hand is an essential business tool that is associated with price, promotion, place and product. All of these factors affect the marketing strategy and any change in any of the aspects changes the market scenario. Maricic, Veljkovic Djordjevic (2012) opined that this also helps in understanding the gaps between the customer needs and the offerings of the organization and based on it, the marketing mix are formed to target the customers for essentially converting the products as their needs. It is the part of the organization or the marketers to identify the needs of the customers and make it their goals. This influences the purchasing behavior or buying behavior of the customers to a large extent. Noel (2009) had a view that Promotion of the products and services are done to the targeted customers. This helps in luring the customers to a great extent for selling the product or service to the customers. The promotion is done in such a way that it makes the customers feel that the product or service is in great need to the customers. This need is essential for making the customers take decisions regarding their purchases. In addition to this, Hassan Craft (2012) commented that the product also plays an important role in targeting the customers and influencing them to buy according to their choices. The marketers present the product and their respective brands in such a way that it not only attracts the customers but also makes them feel that the product is an essential part of their life. This intensifies the need of the customers for having that product and this result in influence g the customer buying decision to a good extent. On the other hand, Clarke (2001) had a view that Price is another important factor that determines and affects the buying behavior of the customers to a considerable extent. The marketer should remember that the customers always want the products to be of superior quality and better than the value they have paid for it. This is because; the customers are generally focused towards getting good quality of products at reasonable or low prices. So, the companies need to provide discounts, offers regarding the products in order to attract the customers. Moreover, Maricic, Veljkovic Djordjevic (2012) had a view that a good and lucrative pricing can be useful in attracting the customers hugely and also helps in influencing the buying behavior of the customers. Apart from this, the place also influences the customers purchasing decision to a great extent. This is because; it determines the location or the place where the products are predictable to be sold. The easy availability of the stor es and products make the products in need of the customers and this influences the purchasing behavior of the customers. 3. Recently, the individual has purchased a luxury wrist watch Miss Pasha from the women section of Cartier Watches. The watch is totally made of stainless steel having silvered opaque dial along with Arabic numerals. Moreover, the watch is waterproof and resists water up to 99 feet and easily withstands rain and is of light weight. Regarding the tri-component attitude model, the cognitive, affective and conative components that affects the buying behavior of the individual is discussed. According to Baumeister (2002) the Cognitive component helps in making decisions through a strong thinking process. This thinking procedure takes place on the basis of perceptions and knowledge that the customer already has in the mind. The customer has knowledge regarding the Cartier watches regarding its excellent quality and outstanding finishing, polish and glamour. The individual has a good collection of watches so on the basis of the previous experiences she had, she has opted for the Cartier w atch. Moreover, Ammi (2007) had opined that the Affective component of this tri-component attitude model arises due to emotional feeling of the consumers towards a certain brand or product. The customer has a soft corner for the luxury watch and is keen to have a collection of luxury watches. This emotional attachment towards the product or brand affects the buyer purchasing decision. In addition to this, Clarke (2001) also had an opinion that the Conative component of this attitude model also helps in influencing the attitude of the buyers purchasing behavior. This component is somewhat concerned with the tendency of the individual regarding a specific object. The individual here has evaluated the brand positively and therefore are inclined towards the brand and so purchase has been done from the given brand. After buying this lavished luxury watch from Cartier based on the attitude of the individual towards it, the attitude is not at all changed. This is because the individual on the basis of the tri-component model of attitude has done extensive research for making the purchase. Reference List: Ammi, C. (2007).Global consumer behavior. London: ISTE. Noel, H. (2009).Consumer behaviour. Lausanne, Switzerland: AVA Academia. Baumeister, R. (2002). Yielding to Temptation: Self Control Failure, Impulsive Purchasing, and Consumer Behavior.Journal Of Consumer Research,28(4), 670-676. Clarke, G. (2001). Confirming satisfaction as an attitude within the service-buying process.Journal Of Consumer Behaviour,1(2), 111-123 Hassan, S., Craft, S. (2012). Examining world market segmentation and brand positioning strategies.Journal Of Consumer Marketing,29(5), 344-356. Maricic, B., Veljkovic, S., Djordjevic, A. (2012). Customer satisfaction measurement.Marketing,43(4), 235-244.

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Values Learned from Experience Essay Example For Students

Values Learned from Experience Essay There are many moral values that we learn from our experiences, and they play an important role in our personality. Every human being has a moral code which guides us in creating a basic set of values, and each person must choose how to prioritize them. Honesty is a key element in any relationship. That is why I believe that honesty is one of the most important values. I have learned through my experiences that if we strive to be good individuals, good things will happen to you. I remember when I was in kindergarten, I became friends with the meanest kids in my grade. We will write a custom essay on Values Learned from Experience specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now They were disrespectful to the teachers, and constantly bullying other students. It seemed to me, at the time, that because they were rebellious they were free to make their own decisions. I wanted to feel that kind of freedom. One day one of my classmates lost his favorite pencil bag somewhere in the playground. He said It fell off my backpack.   That afternoon, as I was crossing the playground to go to the restrooms, I happened to find it. I was telling my friends that I found Ramons Power Ranger pencil bag. They pressured me to keep it by saying Dont worry! His rich parents will buy another bag for him; besides that one is an awesome pencil bag  . I decided not to return the bag and for the time being, things were going great. I finally had the Power Ranger pencil bag Ive been asking for. When I was doing homework that evening, my parents saw my new pencil bag. As soon as they saw it, they questioned where I got it from. I told them that my teacher had given it to me, but since Ive never been a good liar they knew I wasnt telling the truth. I found it, but since the kids parents have a lot of money, they wont have any problems getting him another one   I told them. Then my parents gave me a piece of advice that I will never forget. If we strive to be good individuals, good things will happen to us when we are at our lowest.   The next day I returned the bag to its owner, and as soon as I did I felt wonderful for doing the right thing. Years later when I was in 4th grade, I remember the school management were selling tickets for a raffle. That year the grand prize was a brand-new bicycle. The raffle took place during the recess of the last day of class before the Christmas break. I had memorized my ticket number, so I put my ticket in my pocket for safe keeping. When the principal read aloud the winning tickets number, she read my ticket number! I started jumping from excitement, which caused my ticket to fall out of my pocket. When I reached in my pocket to grab my ticket and claim my prize, I noticed that the ticket was gone. I was frantically looking for my ticket in all of my pockets, without success. A couple minutes later, when I realized I was not going to find the ticket anywhere, a girl approached me from behind. You dropped this.   she said, and then walked away. She found my ticket and gave it back, she did not care that it was the winning ticket. Thats when I finally understood my parents advice about the outcomes of doing the right thing. Ever since that day, I have always been an honest person. Lying can be the easy thing to do, but being honest is the right thing to do. Nevertheless, the easy way is not always the correct way. Without my parents advice and my experiences, theres no way I could be the person I am today.

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Fundamentals of Information Technology Essay Example

Fundamentals of Information Technology Essay Example Fundamentals of Information Technology Essay Fundamentals of Information Technology Essay Fundamentals of Information Technology Name: Course: Institution: : Lecturer: Date: Table of Contents Fundamentals of Information Technology.. 1 1. Importance of observing the correct shut down procedures using; 1 a) Hard disk. 1 b) Thumb drive. 1 2. a) Information system that can be installed on the doctor’s computer is; 1 b) How Expert system works. 1 c) Advantages and disadvantages of the system.. 2 d) The purpose of each of the following items and why each would not be suitable to the scenario in item 2. 2 3. a) Differences between Internet and Intranet 3 b) The role of each network identified in 3a in ; 3 c) The roles of the following components on a network; 4 d) Computer security risk. 5 Fundamentals of Information Technology Importance of observing the correct shut down procedures using; a) Hard disk Observing the correct shutdown procedures when using hard disk is vital in minimizing the data loss risks because it helps to prevent the hard disk that acts as permanent memory storage of information from crashing. Failure to shutdown correctly will prevent the machine from starting up well the next time. It prevents spyware, malware, rootkits and viruses as well as extends the life of the computers. b) Thumb drive When initiating a correct shutdown procedure, windows starts to write data to the thumb drive, which acts as a portable memory storage. This operation needs proper procedures of shutting down the computer and failure to do so might lead to corruption of files or they may fail to read the next time they are opened. a) Information system that can be installed on the doctor’s computer is; Expert system can be installed on the doctor’s computer b) How Expert system works. First, it must be fed with knowledge from experienced doctors specializing in bacterial infections. Second, the doctors may contribute the information on a particular subject like the HIN1 issue. The subject issue will be programmed into the system and the information will be presented. Extra information may be needed in order to help the expert system eliminate possible options. The expert will eventually use the data and apply ruling system in suggesting the possible solutions to the bacterial infections causing the HIN1 thus providing a cause for medical treatment. c) Advantages and disadvantages of the system One of the advantages of the expert system is that it is reliable and it operates as a human brain thus grants one the ability to exploit a substantial amount of knowledge. Secondly, the system usually contains knowledge-based information necessary for educating a particular situation as described in the program. Nevertheless, one of the disadvantages is that the expert system requires an expert or someone with experience to operate in a particular field. Secondly, they work manually thus opening many possibilities for errors. d) The purpose of each of the following items and why each would not be suitable to the scenario in item two i) Management information system The purpose of the management information system is to provide information required as well as manage an organization efficiently and effectively. Management information systems cannot work in the scenario presented in item 2. This is because management information systems highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the company in order to improve the business operation thus cannot work well in this scenario. Moreover, the scenario requires diagnosis of HIN1 disease and yet management information system tries to provide an overall picture of the organization as well as act as a communication or planning tool in an organization (Singh, 2004). ii) Decision support system The purpose of this system is to help individuals to be more consistent when they are making decisions because people are usually subjective and are likely to alter their decisions any time. Thus, this system may not be appropriate in the scenario of HIN1 diagnosis because an individual may chose to override the analysis of the computer thus the system will be completely automated (Mohan, 2010). Hence, it will not work well because the decisions are subjected to changes thus proper information about the disease infection and diagnosis procedures may not be achieved. iii) Transaction processing system Its purpose is to maintain the integrity of data, which is being processed. In case one of the steps that make up data fail, then the whole transaction may fail, thus data may be rolled back to the same state it was before the transaction started. This system will not be suitable in the HIN1 scenario because the transaction system deals with financial situations in tracking funds. a) Differences between Internet and Intranet i) Internet Internet is a network used for the public and it can be accessed by anybody connected to it across the globe. ii) Intranet Intranet is a network for private use and it can only be used by those people who are allowed to access to it. Intranet is an inward facing system within an organization and it may include interlinked local area network connections. b) The role of each network identified in 3a i) Banking In the banking sector, Internet plays diverse roles and it is used by everyone in accessing the information about the banking system and the services provided by different banks. Internet is used in the banking sector for ecommerce, communication purposes within and outside the organization as well as in electronic transfer funds by clients. Additionally, the Internet in banking can help to reduce fraud through providing customers with passwords for accessing information through using unique sets of communication protocols. In addition, Intranet plays vital role of sharing the banking information through telecommunicating within the banking organization. Employees within the banking organization may share information as well as use the intranet in computation purposes. The information is shared within the organization that uses web technologies in communication purposes internally. Such information may include teleconferencing, organization policies or any information about new banking systems. It enables banks to share confidential information on banking systems within the banking sector. Lastly, banking organizations may use extranet in exchanging large volumes of data through using electronic data interchange. They can share services exclusively with their customer from outside as well as use extranet in ecommerce through collaborating with other companies on joint development efforts. Extranet is a private network that extends outside the organization and it uses private Internet protocols and telecommunication system to secure information of business or operation with vendors, clients or other businesses. c) The roles of the following components on a network; i) Client The role of the client is to make applications or make requests to the server through sending messages to the server. The web client works with a large screen display and the client manages information or application results sent by the server. ii) Server The role of the server is to respond to the client through acting on each request the client send to the server thus returning the required results. One server supports diverse clients and multiple servers may be networked together in order to handle increased processing loads to many clients. d) Computer security risk i) Types of computer risks Physical theft and electronic threats are among the types of the computer security risks. ii) Reasons each is considered a risk Physical theft is considered as a computer security risk because it contributes to loss of data confidentiality thus making the data stored on the disk suspect. Additionally, electronic threat is considered a risk because other malicious threats such as spoofing emails or other website links in social networking can steal personal information is a threat to computer security. iii) Risk management strategy that lessen or eliminates physical theft risks One way of managing physical theft risks is through use of firewall appliances. Peltier (2001) recommends that the use of firewall products such as network appliances or individual software packages is vital because they lessen or eliminate the risks. Intruders keep on scanning the user systems constantly for unknown vulnerabilities. Thus, it is vital to use network firewalls whether software or hardware based because they can provide some degree of protection against these physical threat as well as malicious attacks. Although firewalls cannot detect or stop all the attacks, it can lessen the risks. References Mohan, P. (2010). Fundamentals of information technology. Mumbai [India: Himalaya Pub. House. Peltier, T. R. (2001). Information security risk analysis. Boca Raton, Fla: Auerbach. Singh, P. (2004). Fundamentals of information technology. Jaipur, India: Sublime Publications.

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The Foundation of French Literacy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The Foundation of French Literacy - Essay Example It relates to historical incidents of battle of August 15, 778 in which the rear-guard of Charlemagne’s retreating Frank forces is attacked by Basques. A large number of top knights and Duke Roland of the Brittany Marches were killed in the massacre. Ganelon was the master architect of this great act of betrayal. When he was picked by Roland for the peace mission, his relatives and other knights expressed their sympathy as they firmly believed that his life would not be safe. Ganelon accepted the task, certain that he would die. He threatened Roland, "If God should deign that I come back again then I shall stir up such a feud with you that it will last as long as you're alive!" (Anonymous, 1957, 20, pp. 289-291). Emperor Charlemagne was firm about sending Ganelon and said his command must be followed implicitly. Ganelon had no other option, but to comply with the order. In the fight against Muslims in Spain Charlemagne made great strides and Saragossa was the only surviving ci ty ruled by the Muslim King Marsile. Knowing the might of the army of Charlemagne, he dispatched messengers to Charlemagne promising his conversion to Christianity and submission of treasure. In return, he urged him to go back to France. Charlemagne too wished to buy peace as he and his men were tired of the long war. The issue was about selection of a messenger who would represent the King at Marsile’s court. The choice fell on Ganelon, stepfather of Roland. Ganelon, however, viewed this selection with suspicion and feared that he was being sent deliberately to die in the hands of the cruel pagans. He had always hated his stepson and he thought that he had an opportunity to settle scores with Roland. Joining the Saracen peace ambassadors, Ganelon talked at length with Blancandrin as they rode together back to Saragossa. He spat venom against Roland and blamed him for inciting the Franks for the war that was fought without intermission. â€Å"If someone killed him," said Gan elon, "we might all have peace" (Anonymous, 1957, 29, pp. 391). Blancandrin was greatly excited about this observation and both of them pledged to each other and decided to design a plot to get rid of him. Roland was brave but failed to gauge the consequences of his actions and due to this weakness, treacherous Ganelon succeeded in outwitting his knightly companions and his army. Roland’s flaw was his superlative confidence and pride, and he was unwilling to reacquire aid for him and for his army at the time of war, when the situation demanded it. Viewed from this angle he was a poor tactician. Ganelon departed with his retinue. While travelling to Saragossa, he got enough time to talk with his accomplices about the intended plot to kill Roland. Both of them reached to the outdoor assembly of Marsile, who was seated in surroundings that displayed his grandeur. As planned, the meeting began with a stormy start as Ganelon told Marsile that if he failed to accept the terms and c onditions set forth by Charles, he would be doomed to meet his death after the capture. Marsile reacted violently and moved to attack Ganelon, but controlled himself well in time. Ganelon stuck to his assertion and was able to impress the Saracens with his candid disposition. Marsile read Charlemagne’s letter aloud for the benefit of those present in the court, in which he mentioned Basan and Basile, the executed Frankish representatives, and, if interested in saving his life, he must depute his uncle the caliph as the hostage. He warned him about the impending death if he failed to comply and he might have to die "in squalor and disgrace." (Anonymous, 1957, 33, pp. 437) Ganelon told them about the danger posed by Roland and to the question when the war would end he categorically stated